Thursday, May 10, 2012

Big Green Bowl

When I was about seven years old, give or take a year, I saw this crazy cheesy movie called the Sword and The Sorcerer. The next day I was at my cousin Jean's house and I told her about the movie. I no longer remember what happens in the movie, except that it was violent and some man turns into a monster. My cousin, who was 50 years older than me , with grown children of her own, said to me, "I would rather have my children watch sex than violence.". I never forgot that. (Duh..obviously)

I took V, who is 7 and L who is 17, to see the Avengers Tuesday. The movie oozed and dripped awesomeness. It was amazing. However, there were parts when I looked over at Von and he seemed to be quivering with fear. When I asked him if he was Ok, he would smile and nod enthusiastically. He loved every second. Even the parts that scared him. Sometimes I worry a little, that I allow my kids to watch too much violence. I think about the comment my cousin made so long ago that stuck with me. So far, my kids haven't asked about sex or have watched anything that has people having sex in it. I guess it is something to ponder seriously at some later date. But it's funny, how I would rather my kids watch a movie with explosions and people dying, then a movie with sex. I remember one time I took the kids to see Coraline. During the final climax of the movie, all three kids were clinging to me and begging me to take them home because it was too scary . I told them to shut their eyes, I paid thirty bucks and we were staying to the end. Funny thing was, once the movie was all finished and we were back in the sunshine, they said they loved the movie, made me get them the book from the library and it became a 2 week obsession. I don't know what my point is, except that maybe I have raised my kids to like scary things, and I should just stop worrying about it and stop trying to justify my parental choices. I think it's because I feel a tiny bit guilty. But the kids seem fine and if they grow up to be delinquents, I'll take the blame.

So, moving on. G was sick with the stomach flu on Tuesday and missed the movie fun. It means that I have to go see The Avengers again, which is fine by me. I just hope that no one else gets sick in the house. Talking to other parents, I have discovered that once you have children one of the greatest fears aside from the big ones, is everyone getting the stomach bug. It ripped through our house in february, starting with V and ending with me. Luckily L did not get it and flew off to Hawaii for the week. I held my breath until I dropped her off to her Dad, praying that she wouldn't get it and have it ruin her trip. The vomit fairy was good to me in that regard.

We have a special puke bowl in our house in a festive green color. I recently decided that everyone should have a festive vomit bowl and plan on giving them out as housewarming gifts. A lot of superstition revolves around this bowl for me. I worry that if I stick it back under the bed too soon, someone else will get stricken. So for now, it sits on a chair beside my daughters bed until I deem it safe to put it away. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

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  1. Anonymous9:00 PM

    we a also a a "big gree bowl" but ours is blue.
    I so agree about scary vs. sex. Michael took Isabelee to that movie and after I asked him if she was scared. He said no she loved it. I am sure she told all her frieds about the movie and how scary it was, which is better then telling her friends about sex, I think????