Friday, May 11, 2012

The Zombie Dreams

I had a zombie dream last night. I was trapped in a farmhouse with a group of people that included my oldest daughter ,several clients from work and a mix of strangers. Several of the strangers had been bitten and we were waiting to brain them once they passed. At one point, we were planning on escaping the farm house to search for help on large inflatable Spongebob SquarePants wagons. This was deemed too dangerous, but before this was decided, I took my 2 clients aside and tried to explain to them that they had to be quiet, not pull any fire alarms and to run away if I was getting eaten. They only stared at me and I was frustrated.

There was a pervert who kept trying to screw with my daughter. He was also bitten and I felt justified in all of my attempts to kill him. Unfortunately all of the screwdrivers and bats that I had found in the house were made of foam rubber. The last scene before I woke up, I was running through the house making sure that the last wave of people who died from bites were kept from rising again in the obvious way. I wove among chairs on which lay bodies of assorted sizes wrapped in sheets. I then looked out the window and saw a family running from an enormous horde of zombies. A mother, a father, and several small children. Two border collies ran alongside them and looked as if they were herding the group. Everyone in the house moved away from the windows and kept quiet as the zombies caught up with a small person (I couldn't tell if it was a smaller man or a child) and began to devour him. That's when the alarm clock began to ring.

I have had zombie dreams since I was a little kid and saw Dawn of the Dead. I was way way way too young. More on this later. The house is waking up and there's work to be done.

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