Sunday, January 27, 2013

Drowning Kittens

Yesterday was one of "those" days.

Happily, it was not a day spent in the ER, or cleaning a large amount of something gross, which is always a faint possibility where I work.

Actually, I always bring a book where ever I go, so the ER is a snap now. (Last year I was in there with a tome-like copy of Swan Song-but the weight was worth it, I was there for 10 hours)

 I'm used to gross stuff. (I also carry a pair of..the word is escaping me..rubber, but not actually rubber gloves, surgical gloves? I guess that's it.)

Actually that stuff is Ok, it involves the people I support and I don't mind helping them out with whatever they need. It's Ok.

They are there for a reason.

So, I had an unmentionable interaction with a family member who shall not be named, which resulted in my screaming several times in my car at the top of my lungs.

I was alone of course. The scream allowed me to get on with my day, though it really hurt my throat. I should take singing lessons in order to screech properly and not injure myself.

So, after that I was already feeling blech. Just a bit down, not too great.

I sat down with a fellow employee and gave him a few things to do.  Just reading and stuff to write and check off on. Nothing major.

As a supervisor, I am required sometimes to go over things with people, give people stuff to do, tell them to do something they didn't do. Things like that.

I have a little motto I try to work by: I never tell anyone to do something that I wouldn't do myself or haven't already done.

You would have thought, based on their reaction, that I had handed them a tiny kitten and said, "Here, you go drown this."

Or handed them a tablespoon of dog shit and said, "Here, you have to eat this right now."

It was kind of crazy. I found myself unable to retort in such a way that would allow me to maintain my professionalism. So I just said nothing.

The Person said they'd talk to our manager and I replied that that was a very good idea.

Which brings me to another motto I came up with: In life one must accommodate, placate and do everything short of fellatiate, some really screwed up people.

Today is a new day. I was able to watch a bright orange moon set first thing this morning,

I'm going to take the kids for Sunday indoctrination, I'm going to make a batch of pulled pork and go run around in the woods.

New day!


  1. Thank you for reminding me why I'm happy to never have to manage people again (professionally at least, the kids are another story). Idiots and slackers abound. I'm sorry you have to deal with them!

    1. Thanks Marianne! They are extremely tedious..