Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fuming Over The Fumes

Wow -it's pretty cold out there.

Yesterday was a snow day for me.

We have to do a lot of shoveling at our house. There are large expanses of concrete arranged in such a way, that if we do do not shovel all the snow off, it will melt and freeze all winter long, resulting in my house being surrounded by a large ice rink.

Our driveway is also ridiculously long and bumpy.

So it it snows, I usually cancel all plans, get the kids off to school and go home to shovel at my leisure.

I also cook. I made a big pot of vegetable soup and tahini cookies. I OD'd on the cookies after dinner and ended up passing out on the couch, but I guess my sugar issues I can save for another day.

I have been looking at the forecast over the next week and decided that I should wrap the beehive in insulation. I wasn't going to, but it worked out well last year, even though it was mild. I just have to commit to taking it off in the beginning of March.

Like an idiot, last year I left the insulation on too long and the bees overheated and almost swarmed off on me. It was a mess I'll tell you, but I fixed it in the end.

Here is a small video that shows the hive insulated. It's from last year. I promise to get better pictures when I work the hives this season.

So it's 7:15 so I have to start moving people out of bed. As an extra incentive to get me off my ass, Horst has managed to chase me out of the kitchen where I write by over spraying Lysol in his bathroom in the basement. The noxious fumes are climbing the stairs, seeping under the door and are now hitting me. 

 I must be off quickly, forgive me for any grammatical errors or typos.


  1. We too used to have a long and cracked driveway. The string of profanities my husband would drop while snowblowing was priceless. I feel for you!

  2. I think that we wouldn't have bought this house if we had known about how bad the snow removal is here!