Friday, January 18, 2013

Great Hair Day

My favorite photo of myself. It was on a terrific hair day and the only time I actually got around to documenting it.

Today was another terrific hair day. Unfortunately, my terrific hair day happened on a day that is in the 20's so my terrific hair day turned into a hat day.

That's Ok.

I hate working out. Going to the gym with my friend Heather makes it 100 times better, but I still find it hard to get there. Today I made it there and am now sailing on a wave of post work out bliss.

And perhaps a smidge of mania, but who's to say?

Had a lovely conversation with the kids and Iz-(of the cotton batting bearded Santa Claus post from a week or so back) on the ride back from school.

We discussed dreams, mainly R.L.Steins dreams of eating a bologna sandwich and my recent dream of a ratty green kitten walking amongst baked goods at a coffee shop where I was at with B.

We talked about how I think that groundhogs are agents of the devil. I told the children that Groundhog in ancient Aramaic means "tunneling dirt devil from Hell". They didn't buy it.

I told them about the puppy infestation that the announcer talked about on the podcast of "Welcome to Night Vale" that I was currently listening to.

Iz told me that she wished for an infestation of naked mole rats.

I told her that she would wish that until they started nibbling her ankles and toes. She wouldn't want them there after she was forced to sleep in a plastic bin with the cover on because the naked mole rats would bite her legs under the covers while she tried desperately to get some sleep.

She said that she would just put the naked mole rat infestation in the plastic bin.

I replied that that would probably be the best place for a naked mole rat infestation.

Ok, I'm stopping. I just wasted the last 30 seconds to 1 minute of your life rambling about naked mole rat infestations. Depending on how fast you read of course.

Sorry about that. I can't promise that it will never happen again.

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