Friday, January 04, 2013

Pretty Eggs

I made G a perfect omelette yesterday morning. I made a point to use the grater to add shredded cheddar cheese to it. I did this instead of being lazy and slapping a slice of American onto the eggs.

I even checked with her to make sure that was what she wanted.

I placed the lovely half moon shaped, lightly browned, eggs in front of her. Perfectly formed, smelled delicious, resplendent on a pink flamingo plate.

She took a bite, declared that the cheese tasted funny and walked away from the table.

That is a call for "cold cereal for breakfast for the rest of your life" if I've ever heard one.

I declare 2013 to be a year where I no longer feel guilty if my kids don't eat a meal.

Screw em!

Von ate all of his eggs, but then again I already told him that he could live with me rent free for the rest of his life. Unlike his sisters..

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