Thursday, January 17, 2013


Good morning! I'm am stopping in for a moment. I have things to do today, but before I go, I'd like to share:

Today on my Simpson's calendar it says that Queen LiLiuokalani was deposed back in 1893. she was the last monarch and only queen regent of the Kindom of Hawaii.

Also a very happy birthday to Konstantin Stanislavsky, Kip Keino and Jim Carrey!

I made 2 wonderful discoveries this week.

I heard an NPR show about a band called Timur and the Dime Museum.

In the interview, the lead singer, Timur talks about being on America's Got Talent. One of the judges comments after hearing the band play, "Now I know what Hell sounds like."

Which made me go search them out and listen. Fuck it, I really like them.

Timur is an opera singer, so his voice is pretty amazing.

I read a Twitter re-post (a Tweet?) from Joe Hill yesterday that stopped me for a second. I put it here yesterday

When a person dies and no one will miss them, the mourning is assigned to a random human. This is why you sometimes just feel sad.

It's from this podcast show called Welcome To Night Vale. I just downloaded all of the shows. I can't wait to get into the car to start to listen.

Ok-so if you are bored, or down in the dumps, now you have some stuff to do.

Have a swell day.

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