Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yeah, I Bought Him a Gun-So Shoot Me

My mother in law sent this to me-it's pretty damn funny

My groove and routine have been destroyed today by that boy. He had 2 doctors appointments and insisted I take him out to get him a Nerf gun for an early birthday present.

It looks like a toy, it's not realistic, it shoots little foam darts. It's actually fun, the darts only sting a tiny bit when you get shot in the ass.

I have been shot in the ass many times today.

He is hardwired for certain things-Von is-trains, guns, breaking things with large sticks. So you know, in this day and age-every destructive act and purchase of an item resembling a gun includes a lecture about how guns belong only in the hands of people trained to handle guns and please don't ever shoot people when you grow up.

The dog is a whole other matter.

The dog is not especially bothered by being shot with Nerf darts. I have been acting out my own personal fantasy all afternoon.

It could be considered cruel, but it is very therapeutic-I have been feeling so much better about him after pretending to kill him the first few times

So that's that. It's all I have right now. I have been thrown off by this change in my routine-I hope to be here tomorrow.

So far-no bug-I have one more set of bedding to wash. It's coming soon.

Sanjay Gupta (speaking of personal fantasies-he is so hot) says that it is very hard to prevent/avoid the norovirus. We all might as well go lick some public toilet seats and get it over with.

Ow-shot in the ass again.


  1. Those foam bullets are better than the discs. Stay away from the Nerf weaponry with discs. That stuff HURTS!

    1. Good to know-I was considering those!