Monday, January 21, 2013

Thoughts on Work and Hot Wind Machines

Horst graced me with a wake up call at 5:45 this morning to drive him to the bus station.

He gets up at 3 am everyday and leaves to get on a bus to Newport to work at a coffee shop/restaurant.

He is 72 years old and you really got to hand it to him. The guy still works his ass off. I think it's what keeps him young. My Aunt Eli too. She still works a bit and she is 82.

I had a pretty good weekend. I went out for sushi on Friday night. The kids had their skating lessons yesterday. I took them to the zoo with some friends. V had a friend sleep over and G went to a friend's house to sleep over. Lyd loved having her room to herself for once.

On a side note-if you take a group of kids to the zoo-spend  the two bucks on the "Hot African Wind" machine. Cramming a bunch of kids into that thing like clowns in a car and watching them screech in delight while getting hot smelly air blown into their face is a great laugh and totally worth the money.

I worked my 16 hour shift on Saturday. It's not usually all that bad. I'm used to it. I do find myself getting very tired when 10:30-11 Pm rolls around and it's a struggle not to doze off. Not a big fan of working until midnight. I struggle on Mondays and Wednesday with the staying up too. I have to time that last cup of coffee just right to where it'll keep my up until 12, but not after.

I often find myself breathing a big sigh of relief at midnight on Saturday when I get into my car. I then spend the week just waiting to get to Wednesday, which is my Friday. This is followed by Thursday and Friday off. By Friday I am dreading Saturday..

I try not to get caught up thinking about the endless cycle of waiting for Wednesday only to find myself back at Saturday, and to do it all over again. And again..

The thought of doing this routine for the next 34 years frightens me. I am pretty sure that I'm not retiring until I'm really old-unless I need to.

And I do like my job. It is a good one. I provide a good service, helping other people. I get 4 days off a week, which allows me to have the time to keep my bees and write. Even so,  I just can't bear to think of doing this forever.

I see some of my coworkers. They are in their 50's and 60's still doing what I do. I inwardly cringe. I just can't.

I guess it's a good thing that I am reading my bee books, getting ready for the Spring expansion. It's good that I sit at my computer or my notebook every day writing as much as I can in whatever time I can find.

Because I have to start somewhere. Better late than never I think is the story of my life at this point.

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