Monday, January 07, 2013


Well, I was really looking forward to a late breakfast of oatmeal with raisins. Just putting everything together in the bowl when Gus, who was lying in the middle of the kitchen floor, started licking at his butthole.

I won't go into detail about the loud licking noises that he makes, but lets just say that after banishing him from the kitchen, I decided that maybe I wasn't that hungry after all.

If there are any new people to my blog here, Gus is my dog. Not my husband. In case you were wondering.

Look at that poor bastard. His days are numbered.

I hear that temperatures are supposed to go up into the 50's by this weekend and we are to get some rain. Horst informed me as I drove him to the bus stop today.

I like this time of year, I like Winter cold. I hate when it warms up and we get a mess of rain with leftover snow. I wish it would just stay cold until it's supposed to warm up. In early March would be nice.

We took down the Christmas tree last night. B stuck it in a snowbank, so it feels like I get to enjoy it for a little longer.

Last night G and her friend "Iz" decided that Iz would dress up in V's bathrobe, scotch tape cotton batting on her face and pretend to be Santa Claus. 

It was very funny, they had a great time torturing V and making the rest of us laugh. When it was time for Iz to go home, they refused to clean up and change until V sat on Iz's lap to tell her what he wanted for Christmas. 

V adamantly refused, so I volunteered

I hope her Mom doesn't mind that I put her picture here, but I figured that her face is covered in cotton batting, so I think it's Ok. Her face and the tiny Santa hat cracks me up.

I love the things that G and her friend come up with.
Here is G dressed as an elf-note the slippers at her knees.

Ok, enough sharing, I'm going to put some music on to drown out the sounds of butt-licking coming from the living room, eat my oatmeal and try to get some work done.

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